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  • Develop educational resources, training, workshops, activism, and programming examining liberty issues through a faith lens.

  • Create partnerships with 100 religious institutions to promote constitutional rights, biblical worldview, the protection of our children in education and combatting human trafficking.

  • Engage 30,000 people of faith annually through conferences, workshops and outreach.

  • Establish a Liberty Voices of Faith speaker series reaching diverse religions.

  • Affirm that human rights come from God, not government.

  • Develop an apologetics/discipleship training program.

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  • Defend religious liberty as the foremost priority.

  • Protect faith groups' rights of assembly, speech and worship.

  • Advocate for policies that do not infringe on religious freedom.

  • Support legal initiatives upholding religious exemptions and expressions.

  • Educate people of faith on how to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

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  • Build diverse coalitions across faiths, races, and backgrounds in unity for liberty.

  • Find common ground on liberty issues while respecting differing views.

  • Promote open and respectful dialogue across ideological divides.

  • Affirm that defending everyone's freedoms equally is a just cause.

  • Pursue reconciliation and healing of conflicts through shared values.

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  • Engage 100 religious institutions to promote liberty principles rooted in faith.

  • Develop educational resources examining liberty through a theological lens.

  • Establish Liberty Voices of Faith speaker series with interfaith leaders.

  • Affirm human rights as God-given, not government-granted

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  • Provide education on liberty, rights, and citizenship to 20,000 students annually.

  • Educate 100,000 people of faith on defending religious freedoms.

  • Develop emerging leaders through education, seminars, and workshops with the purpose of training up and sending out.

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  • Train 3,000 activists annually in effective advocacy and engagement techniques.

  • Cultivate grassroots leaders through hands-on organizing experience.

  • Offer coaching programs to amplify impact of liberty advocates.

  • Spotlight liberty infringements through campaigns reaching 1 million people.

  • Facilitate dialogue on balancing rights, safety, leadership, and freedoms.

  • Unite diverse coalitions around shared values.

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  • Partner with anti-trafficking organizations to train and alert 10,000+ on prevention strategies.

  • Advocate for exploited victims denied liberties and freedoms.

  • Educate vulnerable communities on identifying and avoiding trafficking.

  • Assist prosecutors in bringing traffickers to justice.

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