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Liberty Leaders Unite, Inc is a Section 501(c)(3) organization under the IRS code. Our federal tax identification number is 93-3510575.

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Liberty Leaders United-Mission

Our Mission

Believers in Christ empowering Americans to unite as leaders while educating, training, activating, and preserving all God-given freedoms under the U.S. Constitution in the areas of all faiths, education and combating human trafficking.


Our vision is an America where individual liberty, limited government, and constitutional rights are upheld for all people. We envision a society where citizens are free to think, speak, worship, and pursue happiness without unnecessary restraint or oversight. We see a nation united by God and shared values of freedom, justice and opportunity.


Our Purpose

The purpose of Liberty Leaders Unite is to promote individual liberty and constitutional rights through education, advocacy, training and activism. We aim to empower citizens to understand and exercise their freedoms responsibly.

All donations are very much appreciated and help us with our current initiatives and putting together awesome events for you.

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