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Who We Are

Liberty Leaders Unite is a nonpartisan coalition of diverse individuals united behind a sacred purpose – defending liberty.

We are everyday Americans from all backgrounds and faith traditions who believe our innate human rights come from God, not government. We know that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

Our coalition includes pastors, ministry leaders, rights advocates, students, parents, educators, attorneys, and conscientious citizens. What brings us together is a shared commitment to advancing freedom, justice and human dignity for all.

We take an active stand against all forms of human exploitation and oppression. We believe no one is free when others are enslaved.

Our methods are rooted in faith, compassion, reason and moral courage. We aim to educate, inspire and empower our neighbors to become forces for liberty.

With malice toward none and charity for all, we pursue reconciliation and redemption along with resistance and reform. We seek to ignite consciences, open minds, heal divides and activate citizens to create positive change.

We are people of goodwill united by shared values across political lines. We are Liberty Leaders Unite.


We will empower faith leaders, collaborate and support policies that ensure religious freedom. We will have prayer events, rally’s, and unite with everyone across the state. We will also have small groups/community groups, community outreach initiatives, street ministry, and work on uniting with everyone across the state fostering a society where every person’s freedoms are valued and preserved.


We will provide education and training to raise awareness of the most important societal issues that focus on uniting our local communities across the state of Michigan. Join one of our local community groups or community outreach initiatives to fight against harmful policies that affect our freedoms, as well as the policies that negatively affect our children.


We will partner and collaborate with organizations and survivors to educate, bring awareness, and help with training and healing for survivors.

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