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It was a profound personal loss that inspired Angelic to create a legacy of hope and healing. After the tragic passing of her younger sister, Tracy, due to cancer, Angelic founded the Praying Sister’s Tribe. This heartfelt initiative not only honors her sister's memory but also provides a nurturing space for those seeking solace and renewal. Angel Johnson's multifaceted career has included a 30-year journey as a licensed cosmetologist before her retirement. She is a devoted wife, a loving mother of three, and a proud grandmother to her grandson, Koby. It was Koby's diagnosis with autism at the age of 2 ½ that ignited Angelic's passion for advocating for medical freedom.


In her quest to raise awareness about autism and related issues, Angelic became an active member of the Michigan for Vaccine Choice organization. She also ventured into the political arena, successfully securing a position as a precinct delegate in the Sterling Heights district. As a delegate, she has been instrumental in educating her community about the election and voting process, while also providing much-needed prayer support. Her dedication to enlightening her community about their rights and the constitution has been unwavering. Above all, Angelic Johnson's ultimate calling is to lead people to Christ, a mission she ardently pursues. She has played a pivotal role as one of the faith pillar leaders for FEC United, contributing to various initiatives. Currently, she serves as the Faith Initiative Leader for "Liberty Leaders Unite" where her passion for faith and freedom intersect.


Minister Angelic Johnson is poised and eager to continue her journey of service and prayer, not only for her community but for the great state of Michigan as well. Her guiding principle remains rooted in the powerful message of John 3:16, as she endeavors to make a positive impact on the lives of those she encounters.

"WEWIN SoLoved - John 3:16

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